Monday, May 23, 2011

Concern for the People of Joplin, Missouri. . .

Many people are waking up this morning across the nation to learn the devastating news of what occurred last evening in Joplin, Missouri. A tornado barreled through the center of the city, leveling homes, schools, and a major hospital which was filled with patients. A large number of people from the city are missing, and many are injured.

Our hearts are filled with compassion for those who are living in this region, knowing that it's truly hard to imagine the depth of the damage and pain the people of Joplin are experiencing. In the coming days and months, may the people of Joplin be in our thoughts, prayers, and actions.

We have listed a few organizations below that are helping with the city's damage, working to clear rubble and rebuild. Please consider how you might make a financial contribution. We know that this catastrophe involves more than structures, however. It involves a great deal of human pain, and in light of this, we hope to turn our attention to the human needs in Missouri in the coming days.

And here are news stories which talk about the tornado's damage in greater detail:

NPR: Tornado Kills at Least 89 as it Slams Missouri Town

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